Racing Designs Options

Utilize our state of the art Designer yourself and all artwork is free. We will go into production as soon as your order/artwork is submitted and ready to ship within 5 days. 24-Hour Rush Available.


Custom Pricing Based on Colors and Quantity. Design Now and get your custom price today.

Utilize the art designs/clipart within the designer, but have a professional artist help create a custom design and recreate some logo’s not in designer….This level may take up to 1-2 weeks to complete depending on time of year.


Artwork: $250

1 - 11 T-Shirts
$28.99 / shirt

12 - 30 T-Shirts
$21.99 / shirt

31 - 50 T-Shirts
$16.99 / shirt

Fully custom design with a professional artist creating the design of your dreams! This level may take up to 3-4 weeks to complete depending on time of year.


Artwork: $500

150 - 250 T-Shirts
$9.99 / shirt

251 - 500 T-Shirts
$8.49 / shirt

500+ T-Shirts
$6.99 / shirt

* This is based off a 4 color front/8 color back design.* 

** All shirts will be polybagged and sized at no extra charge. **

Screen Printing Repeats

Art Charge above is one time only and we will reprint at a lower quantity if needed for the following:

50 - 149 T-Shirts

$14.99 / Shirt

We highly recommend printing everything you need in the first batch as the per shirt cost will be significantly lower for set up costs. We know that sometimes that doesn’t always work out that way so we want to offer a lower quantity reprint cost.